You can’t sit with us

Oh my god…. I struggled with some serious addiction lately. I literally binge watched gossip girl every second when Nola was napping and haven’t written anything! But my topic is mean girls…. we all know them. We have known them since around 5th grade. They are the girls that determine what’s cool… maybe you are, but most likely you are not. They are the ones that laugh at you and roll their eyes, they love making you feel awkward and stupid. Some how they determine your social outcome and status. I still remember the mean girls from middle school and high school. I shudder when I think of them.

But now, I’m an adult, I’m not in school. But yet, there’s still a club I’ve never managed to join. On Wednesday’s we wear pink- the mean girls Mom club. Get in loser….

Moving to San Diego, not know anyone and meeting all kinds of moms. I am starting to see the mean girl Mom. The mom who always is comparing…. oh Nola is five months and can’t ________ (fill in blank). Oh…. my child could do it at three months. That compare your kid to mine bull shit. Or the self righteous Mom- if you don’t do it my way you are wrong. Or the cliquey Mom- I have my group don’t talk to me Mom. Or the I have all the stuff Mean Girl- the braggy pants Mom. These are all the mean girl moms.

To be a women in this world is pretty crazy- I hate the fact we aren’t building each other up. Instead we are comparing and isolating one another. I encourage each and every one of you to think about how you treat other moms. Being a mom and a women is freakin HARD. Judgment if you stay at home, work, nurse for too long, can’t nurse, are over weight, are too skinny, and the list goes on! Are you a mean girl mom?

I look at my sister-in-law she has two kids and they are always both dressed in amazing clothes and she always looks flawless and is in incredible shape. Me, I just started wearing pants… so there’s that. Instead of being jealous, I am so happy and inspire to be more like that. I am friends with all kinds of moms, and give support and love. I’m taking it all the way back to high school, scoot over in the cafeteria and invite “that girl” to sit at your table for lunch. You never know fetch might start to happen.