I’m a fucking woman

This morning I got heated up and something in me just snapped a switch was flipped and I am not looking back, I was at my morning work out at a cross walk on a busy street. Two guys in a work truck were cat calling my friend and I pretty normal right? We have all been cat called probably 100 times in our life and when none of us reacted or responded it got nasty. They started called us “desperate house wife bitches” and “most of you aren’t that good looking” and get a job and kept yelling till the light changed. Now there are women around of sizes and emotional levels, postpartum, self image depression, and everything else. How dare anyone speak to women that way and not just women, but fellow humans. I felt my blood boil. I couldn’t even focus on the rest of my workout. While we were stretching they came around again and screamed at us, a public park and a children’s elementary school. Yes, you read that right. They drove by and harassed us a second time. All I knew is that I wanted to do something. After some detective work was done, I got the name of the company and the license plate. I called the company and spoke to the assistant manager and told her the whole story. I had to repeat it twice to her because she was so shocked and couldn’t process it. How is this 2018 and men think it’s ok to talk to women like this? Were they surprised my feeble mind was able to figure out the google machine and call their boss?

But after I shared my story with her I asked her “do you have kids” and which she replied “no but I hope too. ” And I asked her as a fellow women and future mom how would she feel if this was her or her daughter? She profusely apologized and asked what she could do to remedy the situation. I told her I didn’t know but that I wanted her and the owner to speak and tell ME how they could fix it. She called me back in 20 minutes and said if they don’t come to you are on Monday and apologize they will no longer have jobs. After some discussion an ultimatum is probably not the best way to go with hot heads but something will be done. The company is having a meeting on how to remedy this on Monday.

And I just feel something inside me snapping. No more calling me honey and sweetie in a derogatory tone, no more cat calls, and no more degrading insults to me and my fellow moms and women. Look out world- I’m out for blood.

So all day I was on this high- I’m doing something to make the world a better place an equal place! But then it hit me, these are two men. Will they learn anything? Do they have daughters? And part of me started feeling really sad and overwhelmed that I can’t save the world and the woman race from injustices. However I will hold my ground, I will not let this shit slide any longer. I refuse to raise my daughter in a world where woman are treated lesser then equal. Who’s with me?